Risk Analyst

Posted 08/01/2019

Central Ohio Tax Company seeks a Risk Analyst to work in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Job Description and Job Duties

This position reviews potential risk factors involved in running a business based on statistical analysis and provides suggestions on how to safeguard an organization against risks to clients; gathers risk-related data from internal and external sources; obtains and reviews financial and accounting documents from Financial Department of Central Ohio Tax Company, industry developments and other resources; maintains data quality of risk management systems by updating and backing up data on weekly basis, reporting to supervisor of any duplicate and erroneous entries and removing duplicate and erroneous entries identified by supervisor; uses statistical analysis software (“SAS”) to build analytical-style graphs, maps and charts; conducts quantitative risk analysis based on probabilistic analysis and simulation models such as Mote Carlo Simulation; prepares reports reflecting the results for supervisor to review and decide if further experiments with simulation models are needed; makes recommendations to reduce or control risk, including insurance strategy; identifies key risks of potential investments, such as legal and ownership structures, professional reputations, or customer bases; meets with clients to answer questions on subjects such as risk exposure and market scenarios; gains understanding of client operations, processes, and business objectives; communicates with foreign management in Mainland China and Hong Kong; orients new staff and interns by guiding them through Central Ohio Tax Company’s training program.

Special Requirements

Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or Actuarial Science.

To apply, send Cover Letter and 2 Resumes to: REF# 8930.004, Attn: Singfai Gary Chan, Central Ohio Tax Company, 2696 Billingsley Rd, Columbus OH 43235.